Photography by Aleksander T. Eriksen (ATEfoto on my other sites).
I'm a photographer based in the lovely city of Aalesund (Ålesund, Norway). 
I spent 20 years of my life living on the far-west coast of Norway with high mountains, lovely fjords and islands. Early on my photography was more about snapshots. After I turned 20' I moved to Aalesund and continued to capture images of land-, night- and cityscapes, among other things. Later on my father and mother rapidly passed away. That's when I started capturing images of people and lifestyle among other genres. My work includes; art (contemporary and not), some weddings (private), baptisms (private), funerals (private), images of nature and, of course, photojournalism. I will revisit what I started when in the right mood, but those images will likely be published on my Facebook page, FlickR, Instagram, 500px and such (links in menu).
I think the passing of my parents triggered the need to capture humans, gesture and expressions. First and foremost I want to document people and how they live. The wish, or need, to document people is probably because I wish I had documented my own parents better before they passed. 

"""If you want to define me some way, define me as a generalist. If I find the lighting, color, subject, or something else interesting, I will shoot a picture of it."""
Aleksander T. Eriksen

Photojournalism has always been a passion of mine but it has also been the hardest genre to work with. It has been very hard for me to ask a stranger if they want to get photographed. Rather than just sneaking around capturing images, I want to speak and connect with the people I photograph. I will ask them kindly, while talking with them and listening to their stories, as I capture my images. 
I will of course shoot whatever image I can if it intrigues me, but without the conversation the portrait doesn't feel half as good.

To see my other work you can check the links to my other sites above in menu. I also do some iPhonography on Instagram along with my regular work. Occasionaly I have put in some work for as a photographer because I find journalism very interesting.
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